Renewable Energy

As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, IES is committed to providing progressive solutions for all of your green initiatives. “Building green” involves implementing sustainable design, innovating peak performance and committing to energy efficiency.

Because our staff includes LEED® Accredited Professionals, we are able to provide green design services on any scale, from small isolated systems to large grid-connected developments. We supply our clients with cutting-edge information on renewable energy sources, including the environmental and financial benefits of adopting eco-friendly design. The IES technology department can assist in the implementation of energy management control in order to optimize use and facilitate ease of system maintenance and training.

Our services include:

  • Performing field investigation; energy system identification, measurement and verification; retro-commissioning of systems and benchmarking
  • Performing building energy modeling to determine possible envelope core utility savings, along with building pressurization and infrared camera scanning on each building
  • Analyzing building energy management systems (EMS) to determine the effectiveness of control strategies, optimizing them to unique systems and installations
  • Evaluating water, waste and storm systems and recommending gray and black water designs if economically feasible
  • Reviewing and implementing energy incentives included in the 2009 economic stimulus package
  • Recommending efficient service and maintenance approaches
  • Performing economic contract reviews and final performance contract reviews


Bella Vista, New Haven, CT

Bella Vista

Bella Vista is a senior living facility which offers 1,412 apartments located in five (5) high-rise buildings. The energy study with subsequent report we produced describes the applicable engineering energy solutions and evaluation of the savings produced by their implementation. Replacement of the old existing building systems with high efficiency and renewable systems could save energy and offer an attractive payback over their life span

Boston Light and Sound, Boston, MA

Integration of Electrical and Structural engineering design and detail of the electrical systems for two arrays of panels, one 15 KW and one 60 KW capability; analyzed various wind loading and support conditions based on project specifications and building codes. For the structural scope, provided custom designed steel/aluminum support/tie down system to anchor the photovoltaic panels to the existing steel and timber framed roof. The system required minimal roof penetrations.